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Katrina Saroyan is a seasoned professional wedding and event harpist who has played harp in the Los Angeles and Southern California area since 1995. Katrina has been the “go to” professional harpist for thousands of events in the greater Los Angeles area  including Weddings, Funerals and Memorials, Anniversaries, Quinceaneras, Birthdays, Corporate Events and more. With countless movie, television and recording sessions to her credit as a harpist, Katrina plays all styles of harp music from classical harp to standards on harp, jazz harp, Latin harp, and pop harp. Katrina has a wide variety of harp music for any occasion.

Katrina offers solo harp as well as harp duos with other instruments such as violin and harp, cello and harp, trumpet and harp, flute and harp and more!

Professional harpist Katrina Saroyan also sings with her harp offering standards, pop music and “popera” in English, Spanish, Italian, and Tagalog.

Katrina tailors her harp music to each client’s needs, and has a huge repertoire of harp music for all occasions.

As a wedding harpist, Katrina plays the standard wedding harp repertoire. She also offers beautiful wedding harp selections for the bride and groom who want something more unique. Always tasteful, Katrina’s professional wedding harp music brings elegance and grace to any wedding where she plays her harp.

Katrina Saroyan’s harp playing rates for the greater Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura areas are reasonable, and Katrina is happy to play requests on the harp whenever possible for no additional charge.

Katrina always comes with a gorgeous carved gold leaf concert harp with a rich warm tone. Katrina also plays a slightly smaller version of this harp for those with space constraints. This smaller harp is also a beautifully carved gold leaf concert harp shaped like the larger harp. With it’s full sound and classic beauty, this harp is especially nice when a less imposing instrument is required.

Katrina Saroyan is the consummate professional harpist who always comes with a smile to bring something special to each event!!

Please click onto the video above to see Katrina playing wedding music live on the harp.