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Southern California is known for entertainment. Los Angeles attracts music lovers and musicians of all kinds. Los Angeles based musician and harpist Katrina Saroyan has been serving the greater Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura County areas for over 15 years. Harpist Katrina Saroyan plays the perfect music for your event. Katrina has provided her beautiful harp music for Quinceañeras, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Office parties, Bar/Bas Mitzvahs, and many other occasions!  However, Katrina’s talents are not limited to playing harp in the Southern California area. She has also played harp in many television shows and movies.

When choosing an event harpist in the Los Angeles and Southern California area, there is a choice of beautiful outdoor and indoor venues. The elegant harp music provided by Katrina Saroyan is always an asset to any event - any season inside or outside.

Weddings are especially beautiful when Katrina Saroyan is there playing her gorgeous gold carved concert harp.

When choosing a wedding harpist in Los Angeles, it is often helpful if the harpist also sings. Katrina Saroyan is a harpist who sings the classics as well as popular songs in English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Italian! She can sing while playing the harp, and Katrina does not shy away from special requests! Katrina welcomes anyone to ask her to play their favorite songs on the harp, or play and sing with the harp. Since Katrina has played harp and sung for thousands of weddings in the Los Angeles area during her professional career as a musician, she brings confidence and musicianship to any wedding or event that she plays harp for.

As a professional accordionist, pianist, and violinist, Katrina Saroyan is often called upon to play more than one instrument for the same event. For example, Katrina can play harp for a wedding ceremony and change from harp to strolling violin or piano for the cocktail hour to provide variety. Katrina offers any choice of the instruments she plays for no additional fee!

Ask about Katrina’s duos: harp & trumpet, harp & classical guitar, harp & violin, harp & cello, and violin & accordion! In addition to strolling violin, Katrina also offers regal herald trumpet!

Having played harp for thousands of events in the greater Los Angeles and Southern California area since 1995, Katrina has a huge repertoire of appropriate music for any occasion, and prices are always reasonable. 

Call to find out more about Katrina’s harp, violin, accordion, piano music and vocals, and add something special to your next event!

Be sure to click onto the YouTube link above right to see live sample videos of Katrina playing harp, piano, violin, and singing. Also included are videos of Katrina’s Harp/Cello, Harp/Guitar, Harp/Trumpet, and Violin/Accordion duos.